Welcome, friends of Lucky Cat.

If you’re reading this, chances are you had a great time at the art show at Lucky Cat Labs. Or maybe you picked up one of our business cards while waiting to get your tattoo, or fetch your custom-designed bookshelf. Maybe you’re one of our awesome artists, working in your studio.

Yeah… there’s a lot going on at our studios all across Los Angeles. If you want to know about the next concert, art show, pop-up dinner, noise fest, robot fighting competition, or spoon carving class, you should sign up for this mailing list.

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We’ll never hand out your email, or use it for anything other than event and project announcements. It’s highly unlikely you’ll see more than one email a month from us — we won’t bother you unless it’s something we really think you’ll enjoy hearing about.

Interested in getting a studio?

That’s a different mailing list, which you can find here. Studio sizes range from tiny 100SF offices (perfect for one person) to 1600SF workshops (built for a big team). They’re available on a month-to-month basis. If one opens up, act fast — they usually get claimed within 72 hours.

Looking for something else?

Contact us directly at luckycatculture@substack.com.

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